Find Calculate Color

Find Calculate Color is a math memory game that is designed to run on the iPad. In a grid of 48 tiles a user finds a number, calculates an equation, or chooses a color that will eliminate as many tiles on the board as possible. Find Calculate Color is what it is. It is a math memory game.

iOS Apps

I am currently creating apps for the iPhone and iPad by using XCode, Objective C, and foundation classes. I have worked with Cocoa Touch, Sprite Kit, and various forms of data storage and manipulation. The following examples are published apps on the Apple Store which have gone through thorough testing and have been approved by Apple's Review committee. There are demos versions and purchased versions. I am currently a small sole proprietor that works under the company name Absolutely Learning (

Comp Sci Samples

Welcome! On this page you will find a few samples of my computer programming and some student projects. As interest has increased in my computer programming skills and computer science teaching, it has been recommended that I post a few samples to help others understand what I can create for them, problems solved, and overall programming style. I have also taught students to manipulate code, to solve common computer science problems, and to optimize for the hardware implemented.


The following projects demonstrate solid instructional design and educational technology skills for learning. Some of the projects were team projects, and some were individual projects. I also may not have access to some all the details of some of these projects today as my role was in the roll out, design, or start up phase.

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